What is Music Petite?

Come join the fun!

 Music Petite classes provide your child with singing, movement, instrument playing and fun all rolled into a jam packed music class designed for the preschooler! Preschool music classes for your little one help with language development, reading readiness and social skills!


Music Petite classes provide children with exposure to the wide and wonderful world of music. Your child will partake in singing, movement, finger plays, drama, small instrument playing and more in a nurturing and fun environment. Your child will learn folk songs, nursery rhymes and be exposed to classical music. Lessons are educational, fast paced, and entertaining.

No two children are the same, nor should they be! The research proves that children have different learning styles. These learning styles include kinesthetic, aural and visual learning. For our budding musicians, Music Petite lessons integrate all three learning styles to keep every child engaged.